Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Christmas 2009

After gifts mommy and Justice went out side to enjoy the wonderful weather

Justice enjoying kitty's new toy more then kitty

Justice dressing her self....kinda...to go out side to play
Bed head at 6 am! Lovely!
Justice enjoying her new horsey that Santa brought her

Christmas Eve 2009

Every Christmas Eve my cousin Julie hosts the Cornish and Giles family get together. This year Justice and I were able to make it. We first went to the festival of lights in Airdrie which was a betterly cold night. But always nice to see just the same. The first picture is Justice with my Uncle Gerry, Auntie Caryl's husband. And the second picture is Auntie Caryl and Justice.
My dad, aka Papa, with his 2 granddaughters. Kyla is 6 months old and Justice 22 months.
Justice loved the lights just to ride this all night