Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Party 2010 at Rhyme time in Cremona

So every Tuesday Justice and I drive to Cremona to enjoy time with Auntie Cari, Austin and Kyla for rhyme time. Airdrie is so busy that I can't even get onto the waiting list so when Careen said that there was room in Cremona I jumped on it just so Justice can meet new people and of course she loves to sing.
This is Kyla in her puppy costume. She didn't last long in it at rhyme time so this is on Halloween day......she was so cute!
Austin in his cowboy outfit. Nana made the chaps for him that he loved
My muffin/cupcake princess

The kids decorating their cookies.....and of course Justice is eating more candy then putting them on the cookie

One of the kids cookies.....I think Austin's

This was a good idea. Mr. Potato heads pieces and decorating an orange

Austin and his guy

Justice's pumpkin/scare crow craft and mommy's kitty

There was soooooo many kids there that day that it was hard to keep track of your kids. If at any point I didn't see Justice playing with toys or kids I knew where to look. There were these 2 twin girls still in their car seats very content and thankfully wide awake. That's Justice mommy giving them their soothers

and now rocking them to sleep. I am not worried at all on how Justice will be with this baby. Of course I'm expecting her to have some jealous moments and issues but she loves babies that I think she will be more help then mommy will need!

Halloween 2010

So this year Justice was yet again another princess.....a muffin/cupcake princess....she looked adorable. I bought the costume several sizes bigger because of course we live in Alberta and you never know if we'll have a foot of snow or +15 degree weather. This year no snow suit but it was a bit cooler so I was happy with the bigger costume.
This is Justice doing crafts while Nana french braided her hair for me before going in to see Gran and Gramps. French braiding is something I haven't concurred yet! But it is something I would like to figure out. :)
Justice at Mama and Grandpa's right before we had dinner. We just out walking around their culdesac to a few houses. It took several days for Justice to want to wear her costume. I put it on her a week before and it was a total disaster. She screamed and totally freaked out and I couldn't even get her to step into it at all. So the next day we played dress up and went over to Nana and Papa's to show them her beautiful costume. That helped a bit but then a couple of days later we had a Halloween party at our rhyme time with Kyla and Austin which that helped a lot. Even though Austin was a cowboy (she sees him in his cowboy hat and boots all time that we weren't to sure if she would think it was a costume or not) and Kyla was a pink puppy. She kept her costume on for the entire morning there and didn't make a fuss. So when Sunday came it wasn't a fight much at all. And now she begs me to put her costume on. So hopefully we won't have any problems with it. So we'll see

This is Steve and June's house just 2 doors down from Tom and Sandra's.

2nd house before supper. We only did 3 houses on their street and then I went to 2 more houses in town; Pam and Ron's and Auntie Ashley's friends house were she was helping handing out candy. Then we tried Jodi and Brian's but she fell asleep on the way there which I thought she would crash for the rest of the night but it didn't last long so then we stopped at our neighbours Joe and Nancy's for our final home. It was a late night and busy for me since I didn't have Mike's help this year since he insisted on anhydrous that night.

Justice's candy stash. Thankfully Mike is helping Justice out a lot......and mommy a bit too! :)

Justice decorating her first pumpkin 2010

Justice was given a little pumpkin from cousin Jamie and she was so excited to finally do something with it. She would carry it all around the house prior to cleaning it out and decorating. And of course since she was so young last year she had no idea what mommy and daddy were talking and carving a pumpkin. I bought pumpkin faces in stickers and some you push in like Mr. Potato heads faces. She had a blast! Next year she'll be able to draw something on so we can carve it.
Justice with her sticker side of the pumpkin

Justice with her first funny face

And then daddy got right into it and had her add horns and really add the finishing touch I must say

And this was my pumpkin. I usually do a big fancy and hardcarving but this year with being 7 months pregnant I honestly didn't have the energy to sit for a couple of hours and carve a pumpkin. So a somewhat simply one was what I chose.