Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Bump #2

So most of you have already heard that Mike and I are expecting our second child on January 24, 2011. I do not know the sex of the baby but Mike doesn't always agree with my waiting for the best surprise bit. He's one that wanted to find out with Justice and now with this baby too.
This ultrasound was when I was just 18 weeks and a day along (August 23, 10) and baby wasn't cooperating with his or her positions and baby wasn't really big enough to see everything clearly, so it turned out that we wouldn't have been able to find out the sex if we wanted to. Great, already a baby that is stubborn like his or her father and big sister! Nice, and I'm out numbered completely now! lol ;o)
July 13 ,10 I am 13 weeks here.......and yes there in ONLY ONE BABY :) Look at the ultrasound above for proof ;o)

August 28, 10 19 weeks

October 12, 10 25 weeks

For the most part I am feeling really good, huge but good. I have been gaining much less with this baby then with Justice. I don't want to gain 35-40 lbs again....that wasn't fun trying to get off. So the last month or so I've been gaining a pound a week which this far along they want to see no less then that or more then that for babys health so I'm happy with that. I think it helps having a busy 2 year old to run after everyday as well to keep the weight down too! lol

Harvest time

So dad and Mike had a few days start on harvest before cousin Jamie (Mike's dads cousin) came for a very interesting and fascinating experience....these words right from Jamie. She grew up in Calgary and hasn't had a chance to see what combining is at all. She loved it and Justice joined the fun with Jamie as well.
My dad is driving the combining and giving Jamie the run down on how it all works.
I was in the grain truck taking this picture. Justice enjoyed talking to us threw the CB radios as well
Jamie, Justice and dad (aka Papa) right before they started combining.

It's kinda hard to see but you see Justice on Jamie's lap sleeping.....and I swear this isn't even 5 minutes in the combine and she is already passed out

I was keeping Mike company is the grain truck while the girls were in the combine. He enjoyed giving me a heart attack on the wobbly ladder that we later had to change to another bin so he had to untie it. Next time I am not going to be around to see that....I was freaking out.

Fall time

So I always said that my favorite season was summer mostly because I love the warmer weather. But since living in Grande Prairie with all the trees to look at and walking through the trails I have become a huge fan of fall time. Especially the colors on the hedge around our house gets this gorgeous red.....not for long but long enough for me to enjoy.
I was driving around the farm on a beautiful fall day in September cutting grass and snapping pictures of all of our trees. So this is just a few. One above is Justice sitting by our hedge in our yard that hadn't completely changed yet.
This is our house with our red hedge and huge trees around us. And not even 30 minutes after taking these pictures did a huge wind and rain storm go through and most of these leaves blew off. So perfect timing on my end I must say! :)

Of course the barn yard

Standing at mom and dads house looking toward our house. We have a huge garden inside those big beautiful trees

My favorite picture that I look. I am in between our house and mom and dads looking south.