Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My tomboy

Justice is one that what ever Papa and daddy are doing she wants to be right out there as well. These pictures are all after Papa and Daddy were working on a messy and dirty auger to get ready for harvest.....which it is September 22 and we still haven't even started a combine. Silly rain. Anyways, as you can see Justice was right in there getting as dirty as a 2 year old can get
In the left hand is Justice cookie and in the right is dirt that she was playing with

Again, what ever Papa does Justice has to do as well. Not to sure if that cardboard was really doing any good with the dirt on it anyways but the thought was there! :)

Daddy teaching Justice how to use some tools and what makes me laugh about these pictures is that Nana was babysitting for me while I had an ultrasound appointment and she curled Justice's hair and made her look pretty. Then we go out side to see what the guys were doing and Justice got right into it!

Sitting in Papa's barley field right by the shop.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is one of my favorite videos of Justice. My absolute favorite one is so big that it doesn't seem to want to upload on my blog! Very disappointing! But until just recently Justice has started enjoying singing to what ever comes to her head. The farmer and the Dell is her favorite but she singing "Farmer and the Wife" verse more then the farmer in the Dell. It cracks me up. We will put her to bed at night and if she's not tired or not wanting to read then all you hear is her singing "Farmer and Wife" over and over and over again. But her other favorite song right now is Happy Birthday but we are working on that's hard to understand what she's singing since she doesn't know even 3 words. Just Happy and Birthday! :) lol My little angel!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Little Cowgirl in the Making!

These are the days that I wish I wasn't pregnant to enjoy a nice ride with my daughter. But instead I'm enjoying to see Nana having these days with Justice. Justice is really loving being around the horses any chance she can get even if it's only for 10 mintues. In this picture Mom is on Shea and Justice is on Abby. Both look very similar but Abby is a bit taller and she has four socks. Abby is a good match for our kids so we are very thankful that we have her after loosing our beloved Dot last fall.
Justice was very excited to sit bareback on Abby. She does quite often but this day she was very excited and kept telling me to take a picture of her and saying "Mom, look no saddle!" My proud baby

Justice is my spit fire will be interesting to see what baby #2 will be...scary actually!! lol But she has no fear at all around horses. Which is a good thing that she's not scared of anything that moves but of course it can be a really bad thing if something happens. She is getting better with respecting the horses feet and back end but it's been a long process.

Every time I see a smaller child or a baby I think Justice is getting so big but then I put her beside Abby and think that she's my little girl!!