Friday, March 18, 2011

More snuggle pictures

Jetta about a week old
Jetta has been smiling since she was a week old. She is 7 weeks here

Already Grandpa entertaining both girls at the same time!! Gotta start him early! :)

Papa and Jetta having a well deserved nap

Austin having his first snuggle with Jetta. She isn't so little for him now! :) Jetta is about 6 or 7 weeks here

More snuggles from the most important people.....Gran and Gramps

Great Grandpa Giles, aka Gramps, 88 years old and Jetta 6 days old

Great Grandma Giles, aka Gran, 82 years old

Lots of first snuggles #2 The Tebb's

Drew 5 years old 2 weeks before Jetta was born
Kolt 9 years old about 1 week after Jetta was born

Jake will be 11 years old 2 months after Jetta birth

Uncle Brian, aka Uncle Stanley. Horrible picture of Brian but I had to show it since Jetta looks super tiny in his arms! :) Sorry Brian

Auntie Jodi.....aweeeeeee

Lots of first snuggles

Uncle Greg....Justice being cute
Auntie Jacelyn and Uncle Greg came for a nice visit from High River

Pam....Ron waits until they can walk!! lol

Grandpa's first snuggle. I made him as he had a sinus infection and he wasn't going to hold her but I told him to go wash his hands and I'm ok with him holding her.

Uncle Allan, aka Boss Allan

First day home

Justice's first time holding Jetta......Jetta wasn't really enjoying it
Auntie Ashley out for a snuggle. Anthony was not interested in holding Jetta but kept Justice entertained quite well

Auntie Cari's turn

lol...Oh Kyla, she wasn't to sure on Jetta crying. Kyla was our baby before Jetta. Kyla is about 19 months

This was close as Austin would get to Jetta......too little for him! :)

Hospital visitors

Sandra was our first visitor in the hospital. Lougheed only allows grandparents and the siblings of the child so that made my decision to get home quick enough. Sandra came and brought us yummy Subway for lunch as it was her lunch break
Then Nana and Papa brought Justice in too to meet Jetta. Nana's turn

Then Papa's turn.....Justice finally got off Papa's lap to make room for Jetta :)

Mike before he decided to leave to allow me to have some sleep.....which I never got. I do not enjoy sleeping in hospitals and thankfully I've only slept there twice with having babies!

Mike brought me some supper......salad. Way better then the hospital food!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Proud to announce Jetta Denise Deere born January 20, 2011

Mike, Justice and I are proud to announce the arrival of Jetta Denise Deere, born January 20th 2011. My delivery was A LOT different then it was with Justice. The first difference was Justice was 6 days over due and Jetta was 4 days early. The second and the biggest difference was that Justice took 12 hours from first contraction to being born and Jetta was 2 hours. Ya, I know.....big change right!! lol This is Jetta's first picture from Mike's phone....she came way too fast to even think about having the camera out in Mike's hands. We barely made it to a bed but thank god we made it. I would've had an very interesting story then now!
So if some people don't want details then skip by.....this blog is also for my memory in years to come!! lol even though I have a feeling I won't really forget this one!! ;o)

My first contraction was around 7:50am and it was almost like a braxton hick contraction that I was having through out my entire pregnancy with Jetta. So I wasn't really convinced that I was in labor so I went to have a bath to see if things will get stronger and sure enough I had 2 stronger contractions in that 10 minutes of having a bath. So I got Justice to go get her daddy up and say mommy is having her baby!! Mike is one that is almost impossible to wake up but thankfully that did the trick! lol If only that would work more often!! ;o)

So the first thing Mike did was called my parents who were taking Justice for us. Second, he called our doula, Tenniel, who was just on her way to work that morning. So by the time Tenniel came it was probably around 8:30 or so and my contractions were strong but still 10 mintues apart or more, they weren't very long and not too intense. Now just keep in mind that I was able to do ALL of my labouring at home until my water broke with Justice but we were 5 mintues away from the hospital in Grande Prairie. So it was a different drive this time around that I wasn't looking forward to at all since I remembered that 5 minute drive being horrible. It's about a 20 to 25 minute drive from our farm to the hospital. So we waited until I felt it was time to go. After about an hour or so after Tenniel showing up, I felt just a lot of pressure and was just uncomfortable and I remember that I had to pee really really bad but I couldn't......obviously baby is in position. After I tried for a few minutes I just said to Mike and Tenniel that I think we should get to the hospital and I remember Mike asking do you want to wait for your water to break like Justice....I thought for a quick second and said, No lets get going. And that was about 9:45am. Tenniel followed us in her car as we made our way to the Peter Lougheed in Calgary. And I swear that as soon as we got into the truck the contractions got closer together and stronger and stronger and Mike was driving faster then normal but not a mad man YET!! We were just turning onto Balzac road when I said to Mike get us there NOW and FAST!! So he started driving like a mad man.......Tenniel called us wondering what was going on as she couldn't keep up to us and while she was talking to Mike she could hear me in the back ground in a lot of discomfort during my contraction and Mike just told her that I need to get to the hospital now. As we were turning on to the #2 off of Balzac road is when we realized that there is construction and everyone is going about 50 on the highway.....down to 2 lanes. All we can think of is OHHHH SHIT!! But thankfully it went fast and we were back to our mad man speed passing people like they were stopped and me holding on the the holy shit bar as Mike calls it trying to breathe through each intense contraction. Mike was running every red light...safely of course!! ;o), scooping people on the shoulder at a new green light, riding peoples asses until they moved over.....ya it was fun times and all I have to say is thank god we didn't get a single ticket in the mail or got hurt or hurt someone else through all of that!

Just as I see the hospital in sight is when I felt the urge to push but I controlled my self.....Mike ran and got a wheel chair for me at emerg and wheeled me in. As the nurse is getting my info I had a huge contraction so I stood up knowing it was going to be too uncomfortable sitting.......and yes, of course my water broke all over mine and Mike's shoes and the floor of emerg!! Oh and of course in front of about 20 people waiting in the emerg waiting room too not including all the staff!! So the nurse calls a male nurse to wheel me to the 3rd floor to labour and delivery since for some reason Mike couldn't......I wish he could have b/c he wouldn't have first took me down the wrong hall and had to turn us around.....then he ran me into a wall as he almost took yet another wrong turn to get us to the elevator. Once we finally got to the elevator I had to push.....I couldn't stop it any longer. I just remember yelling at Mike that I have to push and I can't hold it any longer so Mike just called out to me that we have nurses here so do what ever!! I had 2 pushes there in the elevator. As we rushed out of the elevator 3rd floor was taking off guard. Mike and I of course didn't think to call ahead of time warning labour and delivery that we were 3rd floor had no idea that I was on my way so they weren't prepared for me at all. All 4 or 5 nurses are rushing around getting lights ready, instruments incase of, towels, blankets ect and me in a gown (I was just in a shirt and house coat) and onto a bed since I had another push in the wheel chair. I swear that I was only on that bed for not even a minute and I had one good push and Jetta was born at 10:17am.
The nurses said that they wished that they had a camera in their hands just to show the looks on our faces......tears and all and I too wish I could see that!! Mike and I just sat there and cried knowing how lucky we were to have made it safely to the hospital and in shock on how fast it all happened since leaving the house. It happened so quickly that our doula didn't make it in time to witness Jetta's arrival like planned. As Mike started driving like a mad man Tenniel got behind semi trucks in the traffic on #2 so she became further and further behind us. Once she finally got to the hospital the nurse at the front desk at labour and delivery wouldn't allow her to come in since Jetta was already born. So it wasn't until Mike went to get my bag that he brought her in. I felt so bad for Tenniel as we never expected her to miss the delivery. But she was the first one to hold Jetta.....besides Mike and I of course. :)

The nurses were amazing and of course my doctor didn't make it to the craziness. They all joked around with us and said that they have quite the story to tell for a while. They have lots of stories but the one nurse taking my info on when my first contraction was (7:50) didn't believe me that it happened that fast at first and then understood why we almost had Jetta on the side of the road. They were of course giving Mike a hard time on how many tickets will be in the mailing for him but thankfully they were wrong.......not a single one!! :)

In all of that time she was born at 10:17am and she litterally jetted into our life! So her name was very suitable to say the least. She weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20" long. We don't even have a picture of her on the scale as the camera was in the truck (hence the cell phone picture) until Mike went to get my bag about 20 mintues after she was born.

I wouldn't have changed a thing about Jetta's delivery and I still wouldn't have rushed to the hospital as scary and nerve racking as it was in the end now looking back. In the moment I was just concentrating on each contraction and trying not to worry about where we were or how long we were going to......even though Mike said that I was being a back seat driver and telling him where to go.....I soooooo don't remember that!! lol My hope and plan was to have a completely natural labour and delivery and I got my wish.....just never in a million years did I ever think that she would've come that quickly!

Our first and only night in the hospital......we were up a few times that night as the nurse forced me to feed every 2 hours even if I had my own routine. But thankfully she didn't keep on that schedule and only needs one feed at night time if that some nights! :)

Horrible picture of me but it's still a special one......we just finished crying! :) And the shock was slowing down on the delivery

Our doula Tenniel

Big sis Justice coming in to meet her new baby sister. Justice still calls Jetta her new baby sister as people walk by or start talking to us in the grocery store or where ever! lol She's very proud of being a big sister and just the other night I wished I had gotten a picture of Justice crashing on the chair beside Jetta's crib. I must not have heard her crying so Justice went in to put the soother in her mouth! Too cute!