Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santa Pictures 2009

So this was Justice's first time meeting Santa and it went just as I expected.....she was completely terrified. We went to Bass Pro Shop tonight and they have a wonderful set up there. Santa was a good sport and suggested for Justice to sit on my lap for our second try to see if that didn't!! Sandra, my mother in law, had heard that tonight was the last night to see Santa so we went on the perfect night since the weekends are busy. We only waited for a little girl in front of us and that was it!!! It was perfect...minus the end results for the pictures!!! But it will be interesting to see how every year will go!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy 23rd Birthday Ashley

So today is my "baby" sister Ashley's 23rd birthday. She came out to the farm with her boyfriend TJ who was helping my dad on his shop. Ashley was fortunate enough to see both of her nieces and her nephew. Careen (my twin sister) came over for a visit as well. Justice 21 months on the left, Kyla 5 months in the middle and Austin will be 4 in February. Our sister Jacelyn lives in High River so wasn't with us today.

I had to put that goofy picture of Austin just for him.....had to be there moment but the picture probably says it all!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Plowing and Threshing with the horses

The early afternoon on October 31st our neighbour Joe Jefferey and my dad's hired help Keith Colburn took their heavy horses out for everyone to see. They started with the threshing, then they went out back to plow. Mike was in his glory and had to try everything but driving the horses. So he first tried driving Keith's old 36 steel wheeled tractor pulling the plow, which of course was super rough. But Mike kept smiling of course! Then he tired the hand plow behind the horses which was extremely hard trying to keep up to the horses, walk and not roll your ankles and just keep straight. It was interesting seeing what they did back in the day to farm! Man did they ever work hard!! It was a neat afternoon.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

So this was Justice's 2nd Halloween but 1st one with daddy. Last year he was in GP while I was getting our farm house ready to move in since my grandparents belongs were still in the house.

Thankfully the weather held out for us so Justice could be an adorable Butterfly Princess. She didn't really understand the whole idea but she did say for Grandma Deere (who is taking Justice to her first house which was the neighbours Steve and June) her version of "trick or treat" but not again after that! It was still fun for me at least seeing her look at everyone and I could just imagine what was going through her head....I don't even have to say please for candy!!! lol


Well hello everyone

After many months of my cousin Jodi encouraging me to start up my own blog I finally decided to do it! So this is my first attempt to this so bare with me!

I will start with telling you a bit about myself and my wonderful family. Both my husband Mike and I grew up here in Airdrie our entire lives. He grew up in Airdrie with his older brother Al and parents tom and Sandra. Where I grew up on a farm just west of Airdrie with my parents Bob and ellen and my twin sister Careen and 2 younger sisters Ashley and Jacelyn. On the same farm right across the road lived my my mom's parents Ross and Margaret, where Mike, our 20 month old daughter Justice and I live now as of April 2009. Living on the farm means a lot to both Mike and I but especially to my grandparents who just didn't want to see strangers living in this house let alone on the same farm as my parents. Our farm house is around 90 years old as my grandparents moved it off another farm about 45 years ago or so. Gran and Gramps did do renovations about 20 years ago so there are some work ahead of the future!

It is very nice being back home; meaning back on the farm but also back to Airdrie. Mike and I moved to Grande Prairie 3 years ago since Mike had a job opportunity. We miss our dear friends Mike, Sherry and Jadyn Anderson especially but many more as well. Mike Anderson (aka Mikerbuddy) and my Mike have known each other since they were 2 years old living on the same block in Airdrie. When Mike and I got married in Maui 4 1/2 years ago Mike and Sherry gladly joined us where Sherry and I hit it off and became life long friends just like our husbands! A year later we decided to moved to GP where Mikerbuddy and Sherry one of the reasons to move. But the coolest thing was when we had our daughters so close together. Jadyn and Justice are 5 months apart so even though there is an 8 hour drive between us we hope that our girls will be life long friends like their mommy and daddy's are.