Monday, April 18, 2011

Last family pictures 2011

baby kisses Mommy and her girls
Love this picture of Mike and Jetta
tired baby
I love her little face in this picture!

More family pictures 2011

I had to put all of these pictures up as I can't decide which is my favorite one still! Keely did a great job! I do wish that Jetta didn't have her soother in but it still just shows how little she WAS! Proud big sister Justice.....loves her new baby sister as she still calls Jetta at 3 months! lol
Just wished Jetta was facing the camera but still one of my favs
Daddy and his girls
My number one fav.....Jetta again, I wished she was facing Keely but still my fav!

Our family pictures 2011

Jetta is 6 days old here and I finally got these pictures a few weeks my baby announcements are on their way! I promise everyone! :)

Boy has she changed in these 3 months! Not only is she bigger and stronger but she's just active! Almost rolling over, sitting up real good (not on her own of course but she's getting stronger) but hates tummy time still!
my favorite picture of my miss Jetta! So precious!