Monday, August 30, 2010

57th Wedding Anniversary

My Grandma and Grandpa, Ross and Margaret Giles, have celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary this past January 29, 2010. Here's a little run down of their 57 years a nut shell! :)
Gran and Gramps got married in 1953 and settled in Hubalta Alberta where Gramps mother lived just across the road from them at that time. Gramps grew up in that area and had worked on the farm at a young age due to his father passing young from a heart attack.
I remember Gran telling me a story about her not having running water in this house. She called it running water though only because she had to run across the road to fetch water several times a day. I couldn't even to begin to imagine.....boy how times have changed.
Gran and Gramps had 2 children; Doug, the oldest and my mom Ellen. Both were born in Calgary while living in Hublata. Gran and Gramps decided to move their family to Airdrie; their current farm just north west of town; in 1962 when mom was 6 years old.
Gran and Gramps raised about 150 head of cattle here on the farm and they farmed about 600 acres of land to feed their cattle. Both mom and Uncle Doug graduated high school here in Airdrie at George McDougall where all four of us girls graduated as well.
Uncle Doug was always helping Gramps around the farm and loved driving equipment and working with the cattle. He unfortunately died in a horrible farming accident in 1974 when he was only 20 years old so that was a devastation to the family but made them much closer. My mom was only 18 years old when her brother passed and I love hearing stories of Uncle Doug and my mom growing up. I would love to meet him. He was a great man.
My dad was a good friend of Uncle Doug's and years later mom and dad started dating and eventually married in 1979. They moved into their house on the farm across the road from the home stead in 1983 where they still live today. Mom and dad have 4 daughters, Careen and my self are 29, Jacelyn is 25 and Ashley is 24.
Growing up on this farm was great but very busy. For years we raised cattle with my grandparents and dad farming more land then Gramps ever did. Dad even had custom silage company for about 13 years and then from there his grain farm grew and grew. Gramps decided to retire around 1992 where mom and dad took over the farm and Gramps decided to keep his cattle for a few years. Mom and dad raised cattle for many years until about 5 years ago they decided to sell the herd. Dad is strictly grain farming now.
Careen was the first of us grandchildren to get married. In 2004 Geoff Rohleder became the first "grandson". Geoff and Careen have 2 wonderful children, Austin 4 1/2 years old and Kyla just over a year. Geoff and Careen live on Gran and Gramps ranch land just north of Cochrane where they built a house almost a year ago. Mike and I were the next to get married in 2005 and we have a daughter, Justice 2 1/2 and we are expecting our 2nd child at the end of January; only 5 days before Gran and Gramps celebrate their 58th anniversary. Then Jacelyn married Geoff's youngest brother Greg in 2008 and they live in High River. Ashley is engaged to Tj date picked yet...and TJ has a 8 years old son Anthony and they live in Airdrie. So that makes 4 1/2 great-grandchildren for Gran and Gramps.
My husband Mike and I have have the honor to live in Gran and Gramps house for almost 2 years now where Mike is now helping dad with the farm. Dad and Mike are now farming about 1800 acres and they hope to gain more allowing them to farm around 4000 acres. Well that's Mike's dream!! It is a wonderful feeling to be back on the farm to raise our growing family. Especially being in the house that my mom was raised in. Just having those memories of my childhood and having my children have similar memories is very exciting and special to me.
Gran and Gramps lived in their farm house for 46 years and have owned the farm for 48 years. They decided to move into Cedarwood Station, a senior complex in town, where they have lived for 2 1/2 years now. It is a very welcoming, warm wonderful place where Gran and Gramps have met many lovely people. It was quite an adjustment for them both not having a big house, their wonderful yard to work in and of course the memories. But they have grown to love their new home. Gran doesn't have to worry about a single meal. Cedarwood makes lunch and dinner which are perfect for them both. Gran always has her fridge full for evening snacks and breakfast if they wish but most of the time their early lunch is just fine. Gran doesn't always have to worry about laundry or any cleaning around her apartment. It's all taken care of. It's been the best move for both of them allowing us family members to enjoy them for several more years.
Gramps will be turning 88 years young and Gran will be 82 years young this October.

Justice's 2nd Birthday

First of all I would like to appoigize for not updating this many many months ago. It's horrible of me to have waited this long to post Justice's birthday in February. But I will do my best in updating more often.

I can't believe that my baby is 2 already. Boy has the time flown by. I decided to have a joined party with family and friends to make it easier for me so it was quite the house full.....good thing I have a big house!! :) It was a nice warm winter day as well so the kids had a chance to play out side for a bit while most of the adults were glued to the TV watching the Olympics Men's Curling for Gold....and the Canadian team was in it.

This is Justice, Nana Cornish, Heather, Cooper and Ryder at Justice birthday cake that I made.

Pam, who helped me make the cake, Kyla and Cari holding her on the right. Austin below at the table right beside Jake.
Drew, Kolt in the hat and Ryder in the red shirt on the left on the picture all waiting for the cake to be cut and handed out.

All the adults around the Men's gold game.
Geoff Rohleder sitting under the window, Nana Cornish standing up, Grandpa Deere to her left sitting on the couch and Steve Munk in the black hat. I should mention that Canada did win the gold and was apparently a very intense game.

Justice opening her gifts.....thank you everyone for spoiling her! I still haven't opened some of her gifts yet.

This is the cake that Pam and I made for Justice. Pam had the cake pan and the yummy recipe for the icing that worked well for piping. It was a lot of work but a tone of fun. Thanks Pam for your wonderful help. I hope to do this every year.